Our mission

SI Participants

Wind Sports for Wounded Warriors is an independent 501 C3 non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce our wounded warriors to the exciting, active, and healthy lifestyles of wind sports. We teach the injured veterans wind sports at events held by our chapters several times per year and donate equipment and/or memberships to them so that they can continue to enjoy the sport and remain active. The training and continued participation in the sports benefits our veterans by reintegrating them into society via the diverse and outgoing wind sports community and provides emotional support by providing the camaraderie they became accustomed to as part of military service. Introducing wounded warriors to the active and healthy lifestyle of wind sports such as sailing and kiteboarding.

Our Beginning

A couple of years after getting into kiteboarding Carlos Poysky attended an event for Wounded Warriors hosted by Special Operations Wounded Warriors as a volunteer. Carlos was impressed by the event's impact on the warriors and on the long drive home was thinking about how he could make such a difference in people's lives. A couple of hours into the drive he realized he could combine his passion for kiteboarding with his desire to help wounded warriors and Wind Sports for Wounded Warriors was born. Since then he has enlisted the help of his family and friends to help him realize his vision and the group of volunteers grows by the month.

Key Program Facts

  • Based out of St. Simons Island, GA
  • Sponsored events held from South Carolina to the Florida Keys
  • Efforts currently focused on kiteboarding, with intention to expand to sail boating and sail boarding
  • Staff comprised entirely of volunteers

Participant Qualifications:

  1. U.S. military service member injured as a direct result of enemy combatant’s actions
  2. Allied military service member injured as a direct result of enemy combatant’s actions while in support of a U.S. operation
  3. U.S. citizen Security Consultant injured as a direct result of enemy combatant’s actions while working under contract with a U.S. agency (CIA, State Department, Department of Defense, etc.) and while in support of a U.S. operation
  4. Service member approved for disability from the VA for combat related PTSD