Dedicated to serving our wounded warriors

Wind Sports for Wounded Warriors is a A 501 (C) (3) non profit organization established to serve wounded warriors by teaching them wind sports and donating equipment and or memberships to them so that they can continue to enjoy those sports.  Currently our efforts are focused primarily on kiteboarding but we eventually intend to branch out into other wind sports such as sail boating, sail boarding.

Our goal is to hold several events per year where we teach a number of wounded vets and send them home with donated equipment and possibly services.  Our events are focused on quickly teaching the vets the principles of the sports they are engaging in and getting them operational in those sports within a day or two.  Coming from military backgrounds the participants quickly excel due to our goal-oriented approach and appreciate the can do approach of our instructors.

Our instructors are all volunteers and are all experienced instructors in their sports.  They donate the time spent instructing our warriors and have all felt enriched by the experience. We couldn’t do this without them and can’t thank them enough for their support.  We hope over time to grow our network of instructors and increase the number of warriors we can train every year.

The majority of the equipment that we have given away so far has been donated by our sponsors.  We couldn’t do this without them either.  We are thankful every day that we have managed to find them and look forward to years of working with them and helping them to advertise their fine companies.  Hopefully we’ll soon be able to BUY more equipment from them as well! :)

Like any group such as ours we need monetary donations as well.  We are constantly working the social networks of everyone involved and so far have been lucky enough to cover most of the expenses for our previous events.  We are a young organization and hope to mature our social networking strategy over time, but know that we cannot depend solely on social networking to provide for our expenses.  Our goal in the near future is to make contact with corporate supporters and other non profits willing to provide assistance in order to grow our donations and increase the size and frequency of our events.

This is just the beginning of our web site.  We will soon have pages with pictures from our events and hope to have blogs for past and future event participants to share their insights and hopefully ask for the advice of willing volunteers.  We know the site is not the most impressive on the web yet, but we’ll get there! Thanks for visiting!